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Cuckooed programme and play script

The programme and script for Mark's most recent play "Cuckooed" - this contains articles by some of the people in the show, the credits and the play script


Farage Warning Bin Stickers

As followers of the 100 Acts know there has been a campaign to find a new definition for the word 'farage', here is the winning definition.

farage: (noun) the liquid found at the bottom of the bin or waste container.

(pronounced fah-ridj in the south and fah-radj in the north)

To celebrate here are some handy stickers for your bins - 235mm x100mm. Cost is 3 for £5 plus £1.50 p and p.

The Farage EP by Johnny and the Baptists

There has been a competition to find a new meaning for the word "farage" (pronounced fah radj) and Mark commissioned Jonny and the Baptists to compose a song for the winning definition.

Composed and performed by the songsters UKIP tried to gag. It is very good. The Farage EP - Jonny and the Baptists £3 plus £1.50 p and p

Art Of Dissent - The Tea Towel all right thinking people want

As featured on a for sale sign near you - Price £6 plus £1.50 p and p

Art Of Dissent - Daily Mail Free Zone Static Cling Sticker

Do with these as you will - 235mm x100mm - pack of 3 for £5 plus £1.50 p and p

Art Of Dissent - Daily Mail Free Zone Fridge Magnet

Stick them on your fridge! - 85mm x 40mm - £2.50 each plus £1.50 p and p

Bravo Figaro CD

Mark's award winning show Bravo Figaro is at last released on CD. The show, recorded at the Royal Opera House for BBC Radio 4, was first broadcast on the 1st April 2013 and is available through this website or at Mark's shows . Cost £6 plus £1.50 p & p.

100 Acts Of Minor Dissent - We'll drive them to the airport badge

Sign up at and become a volunteer driver, for all the bankers who are going to leave the country when we stop their bonuses! Then wear you badge with pride.

Price £1 plus £1 P and P badge size 25mm